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MainStem, the Cannabis eCommerce Marketplace, Incorporates Industry's First End-to-End Purchasing Platform

MainStem, an integrated purchasing platform and marketplace for cannabis companies, is proud to formally announce its latest release of Purchase Pro™, the cannabis industry’s first and only cannabis-specific procurement software.

Purchase Pro leverages the purchasing power of Marketplace, MainStem’s established ecommerce platform, and streamlines all associated purchase data into a centralized hub for its users – cannabis companies ranging in size from small start-ups to the largest operators in North America. The incorporation of SaaS Purchase Pro into MainStem’s ecommerce platform – the first combination of its kind in the cannabis industry – has already proven its value to operators of all sizes.

MainStem’s integrated procurement platform, the first SaaS of its kind built for the cannabis industry, enables users to streamline procurement operations, manage multiple locations from one dashboard, and yield major savings in supplies – all from a centralized single pane of glass.

During the creation of Purchase Pro, MainStem considered a myriad of pain points, all raised by actual customers – resulting in a platform in which every feature serves a distinct purpose. MainStem’s goal throughout development was to deliver an unparalleled user experience to manage procurement, eliminate fragmentation across the cannabis supply chain, and rid buyers of the headaches associated with purchasing supplies throughout divisions, departments, and locations.

Alen Nguyen, MainStem Co-Founder and CEO, feels strongly that MainStem has met its goal. He explains, “Our introduction of Purchase Pro has already proven beneficial to both new and legacy MainStem customers. Feedback from users over the last year validates our decision to combine our products, and shines light upon the market gaps we recognized firsthand over many years. I’m a productivity nut, and knew our industry needed an integrated platform. There’s just no reason that organizations in cannabis should continue to lose resources and money due to the challenges we’re solving with Purchase Pro.”

All from a branded dashboard, users will enjoy features and capabilities such as:

  • Full Purchase Visibility – real-time data on shipments, payments, invoices, order approvals, with proactive procurement management and order status insights
  • Streamlined Purchasing, Real-time Quotes/RFQ – purchasing team members can simultaneously access and manage quotes, eliminate the need to track email responses from individual vendors with a central communication portal
  • Optimized Finance/S2S/ERP/Inventory Software – we connect your existing platforms and technology while providing a single pane of glass for ease of procurement usability, deeper insights, predictive analytics and proactive planning
  • Multi-location Management – Flexibility across locations with role management and custom product catalogs at no extra cost, whether it be multiple physical locations or location IDs
  • Dedicated Support – available 24/7 for ease of onboarding and implementation, tips & tricks, updates on new feature releases and general customer service
  • Supplier Concierge Services – a proactive team dedicated to user savings on orders, ranging from recurring shipments to custom products

Since its founding in 2014, over 1,500 MainStem customers have accessed tens of thousands of products from hundreds of leading brands via the comprehensive MainStem Marketplace. MainStem has traditionally differentiated itself from competitors with special, relationship-based pricing for products on its platform, found nowhere else online. Today, coupled with Purchase Pro, it is the only comprehensive platform of its kind.  

Combining these two products comes at an ideal time, as legalization expands and the market matures and flourishes. According to cannabis sales data platform BDSA, legal cannabis sales in the U.S. hit $17.5B in 2020, a 46% increase over 2019.

MainStem Chief Revenue Officer Erin Stearns explains, “Purchase Pro saves resources for purchasing departments everywhere. Savings yielded from Marketplace purchases alone pay for our software; in nearly all cases, customers reduce spending by a third. Our team is continually focused upon users’ bottom lines. It’s an exciting time for the cannabis industry, and we’re thrilled to be able to support burgeoning brands and established players in their growth.”

There are zero prohibitive costs associated with Purchase Pro. Its incorporation into MainStem’s ecommerce platform means that monthly usage fees – which range from free to nominal – are paid for by savings yielded from Marketplace product purchases alone. Purchase Pro’s packages are aligned with various stages of growth, structure, and operational maturity, and provide value to start-ups using spreadsheets to the largest multi-state operators with sophisticated ERP solutions.


MainStem, the leading B2B ecommerce marketplace and integrated supply purchasing platform for cannabis companies, was founded in Seattle, Washington in 2014. Since the beginning, MainStem has evolved alongside its clients, as their needs transformed from state-wide to regional, national, and global. Dedicated to supporting cannabis companies’ growth through robust technology and partnerships with growers, manufacturers and dispensaries, MainStem works with businesses in all states where cannabis companies operate.

MainStem’s mission: Eliminate supply chain challenges within the cannabis industry. Learn more at

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The leading B2B marketplace and integrated supply purchasing platform for the cannabis industry, MAINSTEM was founded in Seattle, Washington, in 2014. Since its inception, MAINSTEM has evolved to redefine the cannabis supply chain. An integrated SaaS provider, MAINSTEM innovates through the alignment of its proprietary Purchase Pro™ product, the industry's first and only cannabis-specific procurement software. Dedicated to supporting cannabis companies' growth through robust technology and partnerships with growers, manufacturers, and dispensaries, MAINSTEM offers a one-stop 'Amazon solution' that works for businesses in all states where cannabis companies legally operate. MAINSTEM exists to eliminate supply chain challenges within the fast-growing cannabis industry.

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