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of New Cannabis Customers

MainStem is redefining the cannabis supply chain by connecting suppliers and operators within an end-to-end, enterprise-level supply chain ecosystem built specifically for the cannabis industry.

Features Suppliers Need

We know the cannabis industry, and can help you grow your supply business through our platform. 

Expand your Reach in the Cannabis Industry

Immediately connect your existing product catalog to a network of over 1,700 cannabis operators to accelerate & expand your sales while lowering the cost of sales & customer acquisition. MainStem allows your business to advertise and promote on our procurement platform reaching operators across the United States, including top MSOs.

Streamline Your RFQ Bids

Gain access to Request For Quote opportunities, electronically submit proposals & negotiate with customers all through our platform. MainStem’s RFQ Database allows you to easily bid on incoming real-time requests from top cannabis operators.

Centralize Your Orders

Our Procurement Platform brings all your orders together into a single dashboard, giving you oversight and visibility into your purchase orders, communications, shipments, invoices and payment receipts - all from one user-friendly dashboard.

Benchmark Your Products

Our Procurement Platform gives you the data and analytics to show you how your products are performing, highlight product popularity and provide you with regional expansion opportunities

How MainStem Helps
Grows your Business

MainStem drives hundreds of cannabis growers and retailers directly to you through our Procurement Platform and our affiliate programs.  Our platform gives you the tools to easily sell your products, manage your orders, receive payments and gain insights for improved performance.

Once your products are listed, operators across the United States will be able to see your products and add them right to their orders. All you need to do is pick, pack, and ship the order.

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Gain Exposure with the right audience

Reach your target audience through our advertising opportunities within the platform. You can purchase ad space, and promote your products through sponsored placements.

With a built-in audience of premier cannabis operators, you know that your advertising spend is guaranteed to be seen by the right people.

Manage Your Bids

We centralize the RFQ process through our platform, allowing you to easily evaluate, bid, and negotiate all through one single log-in.

MainStem will save you time by bringing all the incoming opportunities directly to you, from custom packaging to large equipment requisitions.

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Open API makes integration easy

Many suppliers simplify things even more by opting for our easy-to-use integrations with e-commerce platforms like Shopify and WooCommerce or ERP software.

This integration enables real-time product management and allows your system to sync with MainStem, updating your product inventory, pricing, and selection automatically with no extra work for you.

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Harness the Power of Data

Driven by data, the MainStem platform helps you run your supply business more efficiently by providing you with a holistic view of your business at the micro and macro level.

Not only can you see how your products are performing on the platform, but MainStem also gives you insight into the products and categories you are not currently selling in. This provides insight into new opportunities for expanding the products you offer or markets you could enter. All of your own data is exportable into CSV at anytime.

Full Visibility from a Single Dashboard

Access valuable business intelligence on the easy-to-use MainStem analytics dashboard. This dashboard gives you a holistic overview of all your business and lets you manage and analyze all your orders end-to-end from a single interface.

Optimize with Market Insights

The market insights gathered through the MainStem Supply Chain Ecosystem provide full visibility into the quantity of all products sold across our platform, allowing organizations to benchmark performance and plan future product lines or inventory purchases.

Product Benchmarking

With our Performance tab you get analytics at the product level, allowing you to compare how competitive your products are and review your sales, item by item, over the last 90 days.

With these insights, you can make critical adjustments on your product offering to maximize sales.

For example, MainStem can tell you what color of pop tops are selling best, giving you a chance to adjust your inventory to match demand.

Working with MainStem has been seamless. We get consistent orders and the experience has been great!"
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