Our Story

In 2014, cousins Alen and Long Nguyen had the vision and foresight to solve for a massive gap rising in the commercial cannabis industry supply chain. Alen had in-depth experience within infrastructure and supply chain and Long had extensive, hands-on experience in the cannabis market.

They launched MainStem in Seattle with a plan to solve supply chain for the industry, and in the beginning, it was two guys, a truck and a warehouse. The high-touch, personalized service we offer today was born from those early days when Alen and Long personally delivered orders to customers. As their distribution business grew, they began building a larger-scale solution to address the Washington cannabis supply chain issues.

Alen and Long Nguyen in 1987
Long & Alen 1987
Alen and Long Nguyen in 2014
Alen & Long 2014

At the time, Washington was one of the two pioneering states in the legalized commercial industry, but as the regulated market expanded, so did MainStem. The company and technology has evolved significantly over the years as customers' needs have changed from State to Regional, then from National to Global.

As a result, MainStem has adapted their solutions to meet both current market gaps and future needs, and is now the leading B2B Supply Chain Ecosystem built for the cannabis Industry. Today, MainStem serves the entire legal cannabis market in the US, and has shipped over 140,000 supplies to 45 states, as well as Canada, Jamaica, and Puerto Rico.

The MainStem mission has always remained the same – to solve the supply chain issue for the cannabis industry. Today, the MainStem platform provides access to over 10,000 products from over 400+ brands.
Alen Nguyen
Chief Executive Officer

MainStem Culture

At MainStem, we are committed to growing our people, our company and our customers businesses, and we do so with passion. With collaboration and innovation, we are building the first and only full-service ecosystem that solves the complex supply chain challenges faced by cannabis business owners. In order to blaze our trail and make an impact on this evolving industry, we have to be bold and fearless in our strategy, so we have built a team of foreword-thinking innovators ready to rise to the challenge.

With that mission in mind, we developed our company mantra:  Grow Bold(ly).

This phrase lives at the center of our strategy and our culture. Simply put, it guides what we want to do: Grow, and how we aim to do it: Boldly.  

Each letter of the phrase represents one of MainStem’s core values. 


G = Good to great. Strive to reach that next level

R = (do the) Right thing, not the easy thing  

O = Outdo. Exceed expectations

W = Winning spirit. Exemplify a will to succeed


B = Blaze trails. Embrace your pioneering spirit & break new ground

O = Own our destiny

L = Leadership

D = Deliberate. Live, work and act with purpose

The MainStem Team

Alen and Long are still running the company but have added a robust team with expertise in cannabis, supply chain, software development, and data insights.

Collectively, the Executive Team brings over 45+ years of experience across many different industries, taking SaaS and ecommerce platforms to market, leading and building global teams and channels, and successfully helping companies scale.

Alen Nguyen's team photo

Alen Nguyen

Chief Executive Officer
Garrett Hampton's team photo

Garrett Hampton

Chief Technology Officer
Selling made Simple
As an individual, my career aspirations include becoming a founder and entrepreneur of a market disrupter that is a digital native using data intelligence as their business differentiation. My career experiences in data and with business leaders across various industries has afforded me this opportunity to gain valuable exposure as a board member with authority to influence and fuel the growth of a cloud based digital disrupter in Mainstem. This seat strengthens both my personal aspirations as well as the growth ambitions of Mainstem in a mutually beneficial partnership."
- Matt Smith, MainStem Board Member
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