Run a modern, hyper-efficient
distribution business

There are a ton of amazing software solutions available for businesses today. Understanding how they work, configuring them, and trying to connect them all can be time consuming and requires a level of technical knowledge many don't have.

MainStem was built with the principal in mind that running a distribution business in the modern age should be simpler, easier, and faster. We are not re-inventing the wheel here. We took a bunch of highly engineered pieces and put them all together in a single, centralized platform that is easy to use.

How it Works

We've connected many of the modern API's needed to run an effecient distribution business into a single platform. On top of that platform we've built a user friendly interface that lets you manage every part of your distribution business.

Customer management
Baked in

Keeping track of leads, customer ordering trends, marketing new products or services and managing a sales team has never been so easy. All of the information and tools you and your team need are baked right into the MainStem platform.

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Automagically keep everyone

Using proprietary algorithms and AI the MainStem platform will help keep your business running smoothly and effeciently, even when no one is on it. Keeping your vendors informed of purchasing needs, your customers up-to-date with their order statuses and even keeping your sales team in the loop with their accounts is done auto-magically.

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No more using
multiple platforms

There are some really smart people, who have made some really incredible tools that help make your business effecient. With MainStem you can enjoy all of the benefits of shared partners, but not have to worry about managing multiple logins, platforms, or train for several different pieces of software. MainStem has everything you need in a single portal.

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Take control of
your business

Running a distribution business means you take in massive amounts of information across many channels and try to make the best business decision possible. MainStem helps alleviate the need for constant business monitoring and gives you peace of mind knowing you can focus on scaling your business rather than having to watch every minute detail.

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5,000,000+ Packaging Units Sold & 600+ companies are interacting with MainStem

Get started today

Getting started is simple. You can demo the platform with some pre-established demo data, upload your own data, or work with one of our onboarding specialists to get your data imported.

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