MainStem Partner Program

Join our extensive network of partners so that together, we can continue to serve one of the fastest growing industries in the world.
"MainStem is transparent, collaborative and communicates at every step of the process." 
- Brent Smith, Red Company


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Partner Programs



Partnership Programs

Our partner programs are robust enough for any company to participate, however we also have high standards for quality products and services. Choose what program you think would be the right fit and reach out for more information.


Partners serving as consultants, connectors and sales agents who have a deep knowledge of the cannabis industry.


Join the MainStem affiliate network and experience the power of streamlining the COGS supply chain process.


The robust MainStem technology platform integrates smoothly across the most popular ERP, MRP, finance and other business applications. Join the growing ecosystem now.


Learn more about how the fastest growing cannabis companies are depending on MainStem as a foundational element of the cannatech stack.

Partner Benefits

access new markets

The MainStem team continues to expand into new states and regions each month so your company can increase overall reach and marketshare.

provide a holistic solution

Meet more customer needs by aligning with other quality vendors inside the MainStem partner ecosystem.

offer best-in-class tech

Know that you represent quality technology and customer service with years of experience partnering with hundreds of cannabis companies.

Kyle Napierkowski, managing partner

We are proud to partner with Mainstem's purchasing platform to enable our clients to optimize purchasing activity as part of a comprehensive seed-to-sale analytics offering.


“The MainStem platform and team provides a level of clarity that we don't get from our other partners.”

Jeremy Griffon, Dragon Chewer

Working with MainStem has been a breeze. Their staff is communicative, thorough and are always available to assist if issues arise.

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