MainStem Vendor Platform

Become a vendor on MainStem, gain distribution with your products

With the network of MainStem, you can now focus only on your products, while leaving the distribution, leads, affiliates and sales on us!

Simple Integrations

Our platform integrates directly into many of the existing platforms you may already use making integration seamless and simple.

The MainStem platform can grab your product information, pricing, inventory and load it right into our platform.

When sales are made on our network the order will show up directly in your software just like if it were created on your own sites.

MainStem ties right into Shopify, pulling your products, pricing, and inventory and inserting orders.

You can download the MainStem plugin right into your WooCommerce and enjoy seamless integration.

Download The Free Plugin

MainStem connects with any X12 EDI implementation, conforming to industry standards.

Does your platform have a custom API? No problem! MainStem still syncs seamlessly with JSON REST API’s.

Do you use MotherShip to integrate? So does MainStem! We connect directly to your platform through Mothership.

List your products via MainStem and reach over unique 70+ e-commerce sites

List and control your products on one simple platform and we release them to over 70+ unique e-commerce sites.  Anytime an order is made on any of the sites we send the order information directly to you.  All you have to do is ship your product.  MainStem cuts you a regular check for your orders so you don’t have to worry about anything else.

  • Integration with most major platforms (Shopify, WooCommerce, EDI, API’s)
  • Free to use online portal if you don’t use a platform we are already integrated with
  • You have full control of your products and their pricing
  • You list once with MainStem and we automatically distribute your products to over 70+ unique e-commerce sites.
  • Get your products in front of more customers with no effort on your part
  • We work with you to make sure your products perform well across the platform

Upload your products

Easily list your products on the MainStem platform by connecting MainStem to your existing software platform via API’s, uploading a spreadsheet of your products or manually creating your products.

We'll get customers for you

MainStem will automatically release your products on our extensive network of e-commerce and affiliate sites, getting your products in front of more customers.

Ship orders as they come in

If any of our e-commerce or affiliate sites detect a customer ordering your product you will be notified in real-time. After you receive the notification all you need to do is ship the product to the customer.

Get paid

As orders are delivered to customers your account earns revenue. You will be paid on a regular basis from MainStem and can enjoy easy to earn revenues.