MainStem Purchase Pro™

An integrated marketplace and SaaS purchasing technology that creates a single pane of glass across your purchasing ecosystem without the need for ERP or accounting data migrations.
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Multi-Location Management

Provide the flexibility your team needs with role management and custom catalogs.


Friendly MainStem support is available when you need tips or questions answered.

Predictive Analytics

Integrated systems connecting data in real-time enables proactive planning.

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Optimize your
ERP Software

Purchase Pro™ connects your enterprise platforms and finance software to provide more insights.

Finance & Operations

Bridge the gap between Finance, Operations, Procurement and other purchasing functions.

Automate Connected Reporting

Access a complete view of your purchasing process to reduce risk and save time planning.

On-demand purchasing platform built to scale

MainStem Purchase Pro™ is a modern SaaS technology that helps cannabis companies grow by simplifying workflows and seamlessly integrating with your current tech stack.