New Vaping Laws

April 27, 2021 10:00 AM


April 27, 2021 10:45 AM

How The Upcoming PACT Act or "Vape Mailing Ban" Could Impact Shipping and Access To Cannabis Industry Supplies and what you can do for your canna-business.
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Supply chain disruptions in cannabis aren’t new. Cannabis operators are constantly forced to pivot in the face of adversity to maintain business continuity. In 2019, the vape crisis halted vape sales across the US, and then in 2020, COVID shattered an already disjointed supply chain. Today, the passage of the PACT Act, or “Vape Mailing Ban,” poses another threat to our industry aimed at suffocating an already fragile vaping market. While the PACT Act is directed at nicotine products, the legislation is worded in a way that cannabis businesses will feel the affects; especially those involved in vape manufacturing and those that sell vape related products.

On Tuesday, April 27, join MainStem, along side The National Cannabis Industry Association, 365 Cannabis, and AVD 710, to learn more about the passage of the PACT Act, what it means to the industry, and the impact it could pose to your business.