MainStem Enterprise Platform

Make purchasing for your enterprise easier than ever before.

Control Spending

Grant access to vendors, products and employee purchasing.

Single Platform

All of your locations can buy all of their business supplies from one site, giving you control over what products and prices they buy from.

Custom Packaging & Printing

Manage your custom packaging and print projects from one platform. Upload files, approve proofs, communicate with designers and check project statuses all online.

Monitor Your Enterprise

View each of your locations purchases, shipments, payments all from a single platform dashboard.

Hundreds Of Vendors

All of the vendors you buy from, and all of the products you buy, on one site. Compare prices across multiple vendors and track all shipments in one place.

Simplify Your Enterprise

Sit back and relax because your life just got a whole lot easier by using MainStem. Centralizing your purchasing removes hours of price shopping, order approvals and more.

Branded Platform

Your enterprise gets their own custom themed and branded purchasing platform URL.  Your employees will login to YOUR platform.  You control what vendors and products show in your store.  You control what locations have access and what users have permissions to buy, make payments, or just request orders.

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Machine Learning Algorithms

MainStem predicts
what you'll need to buy...
and when...

MainStem worked with a group of highly specialized data scientists to create a proprietary algorithm that predicts what products you'll need to buy, what quantities, and when. This helps you get a great heads up as to what inventory you may need to re-buy at every location you manage.

Simplify Your Purchasing


Sign Up For Free

Create your free account in a matter of minutes with our patented awesome sign up process.

Configure Your Enterprise

Setup your locations, users, permissions and lists all through our online platform at no cost to you.

Control Your Purchasing

Pick which vendors and products your employees are allowed to buy from.

Approve Orders

If you want to, you can limit who is allowed to pay for orders. Control which employees can request a purchase, and which managers can approve purchases.

Gain Insight

Use the online portal and dashboards to see how each of your locations is purchasing, how often, when shipments are coming in, and which users are making the purchases.

Love Your Life

Sit back, relax and pop a cold one because your life just got a whole lot easier by using MainStem.

Automated Supply Audits

MainStem sends your team a monthly report about your purchasing habits, where you’re spending your money and where you can save money.

Price Shop

Shop multiple vendors in one platform.  Pick your product, view all of the vendors than can fulfill that product, pick the vendor with the best price or shipping times for your enterprise.

Control Your Enterprise

Never feel lost again. Control your entire enterprises purchasing from a single platform.  Set up unlimited users, locations, and lists controlling who buys what.

How's This Look?

Ultra Fast, Modern And Very Easy

We have developed our custom technology over the last few years. Working directly with our enterprise customers to build a platform that fits their needs.

It’s easy to get started, always free and no commitments.
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